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The ALTA 3D-printer

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Fewer things to worry about.

From the very beginning we worked to make a simple machine. By moving complexity from the hardware to software, we created a printer with the lowest part count possible. With only 19 machined components, ALTA has fewer moving parts than any other printer on the market.


A quiet printer will inspire you, not distract you.

Today’s desktop 3D printers are noisy machines. Even printers that market themselves as “quiet machines“ struggle with this problem, ALTA takes advantage of its unique and “patent pending” way of driving the motors together with its limited number of moving parts to ensure a virtually silent printer.


More time printing.

The aluminum construction and aerospace inspired manufacturing standards makes ALTA a solid platform. Minimizing points of failure and requiring no maintenance sets ALTA apart from other printers.

Features such as auto leveling and calibration of the build platform make printing more stable and repeatable. That’s right, no more bed leveling.

The story

In 2007 Simen Skogsrud developed Grbl, a motion based control system that is the open sourced industry standard for the maker movement. In 2011, frustrated with the complexity of existing printers, he decided to do something radical: bolt two motors together.

First prototype from 2007

Starting from the first prototype which was two motors connected with a hose clamp, we worked hard to preserve simplicity and discover the beauty in creating the world’s simplest 3D printer, ALTA.

From idea to prototype

The team

Thomas Boe-Wiegaard


Thomas is a passionate entrepreneur with a background in aerospace composite development and mechanical engineering. His work at Sikorsky Aircraft, his previous involvement in a tech start-up and a finance MBA have given him the knowledge and experience to help Polarworks develop their vision as well as production-ready hardware solutions.

Alexandre Chappel

VP Design / Supply Chain Manager

Alex’s strong technical skills in modelling and industrial design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design as well as his background in manufacturing make him perfectly suited to turn Polarworks’ imagination into reality. His ability to execute a conceptual design through ideation, prototype, testing and production has been critical to ALTA’s rapid and successful development.

Simen Svale Skogsrud

Software Engineer / Inventor

Put simply, Simen created the software that almost all other 3D printer companies use to control their machines today. His latest development, adapted and optimised specifically for ALTA, represents the next generation in motion based control software for scalable additive manufacturing. We are expanding the code to maximize the second generation technology that Polarworks will release as we continue to push the leading edge of 3D printing into markets that currently do not exist.

Even Westvang

CMO / Communications Manager

Even brings a very unique skill set to the team. Even’s more than 20 years of marketing and design experience comes from his BA in Media Studies and Informatics from UiO, studies of Media Communications from Goldsmith’s College in London as well as publishing internationally in this field. His ability to create beautiful and engaging content gives Polarworks a strong advantage in a market.

Hans Jakob Føsker

Industrial Designer

Hans’ ability to maintain ALTA’s unique design ascetic has proven to be a key asset as we develop and iterate our hardware solutions. One of Hans’ strengths is his ability to spatially visualize complex structures that solve our hardest problems while still maintaining an overall cohesion to the design intention that sets Polarworks apart from every other printer on the market.

Adam Scheuring

Software Engineer

Adam’s experience with software engineering has taken Polarworks through the development stages of ALTA with incredible speed. His focus on deliverables and thoroughness with every detail of his work has given ALTA an strong platform to grow from. Adam’s past experience working with an early-stage startup, Energy Micro (acquired by Silicon Labs), as well as comprehensive knowledge of technology markets has made him a strong business asset to Polarworks.

Anders Guldahl

Electrical Engineer

Anders’ degree in electrical engineering as well as his MSs is Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU has given him the technical expertise to not only create our custom circuit board, but his background in wearable and connected consumer devices makes his contribution to the team invaluable. His professionalism, focus and ability to quickly solve complex problems makes him a strong member of the Polarworks team.

Øyvind Rostad

Chairman of the Board

Øyvind’s leadership experience with Bengler AS, a media and software development firm, makes him a strong resource for steering Polarworks. He balances the needs for creativity and exploratory freedom with the narrow focus needed to deliver on schedule and to budget. Also, Øyvind’s experience with social media puts Polarworks objectives to build an ecosystem around the ALTA within reach.